Welcome to the Afrimash Plant Production and Protection section!

This section provides support for farmers in the development of (or transition into) sustainable crop production systems.

We offer a wide range of plant production and protection products

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Plant Production Products
Plant production refers to the cultivation of crops, ornamental plants and edible mushrooms for human use. Products in this category range from commercially packaged seeds, mini-treated seeds, plant seedlings, suckers, etc. Plant production using our offered seeds or seeding or sucker variety gives a good yield.
Plant Protection Products
Plant protection is the science and practice of managing pests, diseases and weeds that damage crops and other plants. These typically have a devastating effect on farmers’ livelihoods. The group of products in this category (agrochemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers) are so-called because they are used to protect plants against pests and diseases.
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