Affiliate Products and Commissions

The easiest items for you to earn affiliate income on Afrimash are items that can be easily bought online without requiring a physical visit. I have compiled some of the items here as well as their commission rates. The commission is what you will receive for every successful purchase.

Generally, our rates are as follows:

Category Description Commission
eBooks Only electronic/downloadable books 10%
Feeds e.g. layers mash 0.5%
Health and Beauty e.g. coconut oil 4%
Day Old Chicks Including layers, broilers, cockerels 1.5%
Day Old Turkeys Including local and foreign turkeys 1.5%
Snails That is live breeder snails 4%
Fish Including ornamental fishes 4%
Medicines e.g. antibiotics, vitamins 4%
Veterinary e.g. blowpipes 4%
Agricultural Equipment e.g. chicken cages, nipples 3% - Nigeria
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