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Afrimash at the 58th NVMA Annual Convention

Being the largest and most comprehensive gathering of Vets in Nigeria, the Annual Convention of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association held its 58th edition at the International Conference Centre University of Ibadan, Oyo State. The theme for this year’s Annual Congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association was “Repositioning the Veterinary Profession for National and Global Impact”

At the NVMA 2022 convention, clinical presentations, practice management workshops, panel discussions, sponsored symposia, and digital exhibitions were available to attendees.   Afrimash, a hub of veterinarians, was present throughtout the 5-day expo to showcase its digital platform for farmers while also connecting with major stakeholders in the industry, including but not limited to manufacturers, suppliers, and veterinary doctors from all over the country and beyond.

Afrimash NVMA
Afrimash NVMA

Afrimash team at the exhibition stand

One major highlight for us at the convention was our CEO, Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun, being a panelist during one of the panel sessions held in the course of the event. He spoke expansively on The Topic: The Paradigm Shift in Information Technology and Today’s Veterinarians. He emphasized the fact that agriculturists in the 21st century must as a matter of urgency open themselves up to more opportunities so they can leverage technology to scale and expand their business.

Dr. Ayo Oyedotun during the panel session

He also took time to shed light on the functionalities of some new products such as the USSD code (*2282*2#) and the agent mobile application that have been developed at Afrimash as an alternative route to making agriculture easier and seamless for everyone.

Beyond showcasing, this platform allowed exhibitors from various Vet and agricultural sectors to chat, meet, market their products, and more. It was evident that networking was an integral part of this event and as a company, we made sure to leverage this opportunity.

It was a delight to meet with several people we came across. Dr. Bala Mohamed (VCN vice president), Dr. Olatunji Nasir (President of Commonwealth Veterinary Association), Dr. Moses Arokoyo (NVMA President), Dr. Osagie (NVMA Vice President), Mrs. Agbato (Co-founder of Animal Care) among others.

L-R. Dr Blessing,  Dr. Bala Mohamed, Dr. Ayo Oyedotun
  Dr Olatunji Nasir , Dr Ayo Oyedotun
L-R: Dr. Blessing,   Dr. Moses Arokoyo, Dr. Ayo Oyedotun   
 L-R: Dr Blessing,  Dr Osagie, Familoni Oreoluwa 

For us, it was indeed a win-win situation as spending amazing time with great minds from different areas of the agriculture and veterinary sector not only improved our bank of knowledge but also made us and everyone further challenged to impact both the nation and the globe in our area of influence.

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