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Afrimash At The Flemish Trade Mission To Nigeria 2019

Over recent decades, Nigeria has not only become an interesting economic, financial and socio-cultural partner for most of the African continent, but also for major European countries. Nigeria is also a budding driver of economic development in the region. Political stability fosters this situation, allowing for defining long-term perspectives. 

Statistics show that foreign, and thus European and Flemish, investments have been consistently increasing over the years. Nigeria is not only considered as a growth market for industry, agriculture and service providers to invest in but also offers a growing end-market for numerous products, as the country’s middle class is growing at a steady pace. 

The Flanders Investment & Trade Agency (which spearheaded the Flemish Trade Mission to Nigeria) has been involved in promoting sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises. 

Whatever sector you are involved in, the Flanders Investment & Trade will help you establish contact with the Flemish companies you are looking for. This includes not only products or services you may be sourcing for, but also various types of business relationships, from a joint venture to technology transfer.

A seminar organized by the Africa Platform of Ghent University Association, on Tuesday, November 12th at Eko Hotel, Lagos.

During the event, Ghent University, Nigerian academic partners and several agricultural companies were present to showcase how effective industry-academic collaboration had impacted agricultural development. 

Ghent University alumni participated by presenting posters on their study period in Europe and their current employment. 

The Africa Platform also took place during the Trade Mission to Nigeria by over 30 Belgian companies, organized by Flanders Investment and Trade in association with Naijalink. This platform featured B2B meetings between Flemish companies and potential partners in Nigeria including.@afrimash

Afrimash Team: Head, Partner Experience Program at Afrimash: Dr. Charles Nwishienyi and Head of Operations, Dr Ayoade Oyedotun present at the Flemish Trade Mission To Nigeria organized by Flanders Investment & Trade in association with Ghent Africa Platform (GAP)

Belgium is a key international economic player: according to the latest WTO data, it is the 10th largest exporting country in the world. Moreover, Belgium is one of the most popular countries for investors, attracting billions of euros of foreign direct investment every year. 

The continued presence of Belgian investors is proof of the persistent interest of Belgian companies for Nigeria and explains the current revival in our relationship. The current economic mission comes to Nigeria at the right time to build upon the positive macro-economic trends of the Nigerian economy and to contribute to a further strengthening of our economic ties.

Afrimash was represented by Head of Operations, Dr Ayoade Oyedotun, and Admin and Human Resource, Dr Charles Nwishienyi, at Flemish Trade Mission To Nigeria organized by Flanders Investment & Trade in association with Ghent Africa Platform (GAP) to foster partnership, meet investors and create awareness.

Being present in this environment inspired more international collaborations as the participants were encouraged to invest and trade in the international market. It was a remarkable experience as Afrimash looks forward to benefiting from new insights and information from the seminar.

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