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10 Best Weighing Scales To Accurately Track Your Livestock Performance

Farming scales are integral to the operation of working farms, whether the speciality is livestock or cash crop. Primarily, livestock weighing scales are used ...

5 Easy Ways To Manage Poultry Litter And Make Profit

Poultry litter is a mixture of bedding, manure, poultry excreta, spilt feed, and feathers produced by intensive poultry production. Poultry bedding materials ...

Food Production Strategies In Dry Seasons

Weather is unquestionably the most crucial aspect in determining agricultural productivity. This is because the majority of field crops require soil, water, ...

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large garri fryer
3 weeks ago

Large Garri Fryer

Our offered automatic garri fryer is used to process raw cassava flour into its finished product, garri without compromising its quality. This product enables the process of frying garri to be carried out mechanically using an automated system. It comes with excellent features alongside sophisticated mechanisms to handle the job and eliminates labour.
  • It is built using a multi-level architecture to eliminate kitchen labour to a large extent;
  • It is very suitable for commercial purposes and large-scale production;
  • high working efficiency;
  • uniform frying of materials and;
  • easy operation.
Get yours now! 
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Granular fertilizer applicator
2 months ago

Manual Granular Fertilizer Applicator

The offered fertilizer applicator is a compact machine that is suitable for the distribution of chemical, granulated, powdery, and pellet fertilizer to the soil. Precision farming is required for high productivity and this necessitates the use of fertilizer applicators in particular. So, if you are looking to improve your crop yield in the most efficient way possible, the fertilizer applicator is just what you need. Get yours today!
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poultry feeder
8 months ago

Poultry Feeder | Type 1 (9kg | 12kg) (Shipped From Overseas)

The poultry feeding equipment is used for feeding poultry birds. Usually, foods are kept in the feeder and the birds start eating from there. The feeder should be kept neat and clean always to keep your chickens healthy. It is important that you keep a sufficient number of feeders in the poultry house according to the number of chickens; not more, not less. Order now!
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