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We Protect Our Buyers ...

We guarantee sales that go through the “Afrimash Holding Account” via any of the two (2) payment methods available on our checkout page. You will be refunded if your order is not shipped to you as promised. Read about our Buyer Protection Policy here.

When you add item (s) to your cart and click the “Checkout” button, you have the options of selecting “Pay with a Debit/Credit Card or Online with Bank” OR “Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit”.

Select the “Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit” option to pay by making a transfer into our bank account.

For the “Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit” payment option (via ATM, USSD Code, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Money etc), we expect you to send your payment into any of the Afrimash Holding Accounts below.

Learn more about payment to Afrimash here.

Afrimash Holding Accounts

Very importantly, payments via “Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit” should be made to any of Afrimash Holding Accounts below:

First Bank Plc
Account Number: 2035451334

Account Number: 2129087920

Call Afrimash on 0-809-409-1115 if you need help.

How Afrimash Helps You

We ensure your transaction online is protected so you can buy the items you need quickly, conveniently, confidently, and safely. When you purchase an item on Afrimash, our guarantees help ensure you receive the items exactly as described and also in time.

How Does Afrimash ‘Buyer Protection’ Work?

Everyone who purchases one or more items on Afrimash and pays into “Afrimash Holding Account” is eligible for the following:

1. Full Refund of Your Money if You Don’t Receive Your Order

If it ever happens that you make payments for an item(s) on Afrimash, and you don’t receive your order as promised, you simply have to contact us for a refund. We will refund you cash or store credits in full.

When in doubt, please contact us as soon as possible.

2. Full or Partial Refund if the Item Received is not What Was Described

If the item(s) sent to you is different from what you ordered for, you are free to demand a full or partial refund of your money. A full refund applies if you return the item while a partial return applies when you keep the item.

Here’s how to get a refund.

Hot Tip

Ensure you thoroughly read the item descriptions before making payments. If you have questions before payments, simply hit the “Ask a Question” button.

If the item you need is completely different from what is described, please make a “Special Buying Request” here.


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