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COVID-19: Afrimash is Supporting Customers Through the Supply of Free Hand Sanitizers

At Afrimash, we understand that our customers rely on our services and that they are important for business continuity. Yet our goal in the evolving outbreak is to balance safety with service, as we continue to accomplish our mission of making agriculture convenient for everyone.

Therefore, in an effort to ensure the safety of our customers and limit the spread of the COVID-19, we are providing free alcohol-based hand sanitizers to our customers nationwide.

Basic Tips For Staying Safe

Why Hand Sanitizers?

In our previous blog post on How Farmers Can Combat the Threat of COVID-19 Outbreak, we established that hands are one of the most common ways that the coronavirus spreads from one person to the other. Therefore, one of the cheapest and easiest ways to prevent the spread of a virus is to keep the hands clean at all times.

Generally, when done/used the right way, both hand-washing with soap and water and hand sanitizer are highly effective at killing most germs and pathogens. However, Afrimash has chosen to distribute hand sanitizers to customers because they;

  • Are often more convenient to access and use, especially when outside of the home/farm.
  • Can be expensive or difficult to find in times of emergency.
  • At least 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill the coronavirus.
  • Are the best second options if one does not have access to soap and running water.

How to get Free Sanitizers from Afrimash

Afrimash is sending free hand sanitizers with farm inputs. To get yours, place an order on our website. The sanitizers will be packed along with your order and delivered to you at your location.

We are committed to helping our customers stay healthy and safe during this critical time. Let us all continue to keep safe.

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