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- 19% High Quality Chakra Nipple Drinker for Chickens (250 pcs Bag)
Chakra Nipple
- 28% High Quality Chakra Saddle for Nipple Drinkers (500 pcs Bag)
- 30% Automatic Nipple Drinker with Drip Cup for Chickens
Nipple with cup
- 25% Automatic Chicken Cup Drinkers With Detachable Attachment for PVC Pipe
Chicken nipple drinker with drip cup
Hanging Feeder For Poultry (5 kg)
- 19% High Quality Bite Nipple Drinkers for Pigs
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Plastic Flip Top Feeder for Brooders
flip top feeders
Regular Drinkers For Chicks (4 and 10 Liters) – Dozen of 12 Pcs
Featured! - 7% One Pack of Automatic Nipple Drinker with Clip
Nipple drinkers
Quality Bite Nipple Drinkers for Pigs (With Filter)
Nipple drinker and drinker set
- 19% High Quality Pig Nipples

High Quality Pig Nipples

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Elongated Hanging Feeder For Poultry (10 kg)
Adjustable 3-in-1 Drinkers For Floor Reared Chicks (4 Litres) – Dozen of 12 Pcs
Hanging Plastic Feeder For Poultry (5-10kg Capacity)
Automatic Hanging Feeder
Bell Drinker for Poultry

There are various feeders and drinkers (poultry equipment). It is important to choose the feeding and drinking system most appropriate for the poultry house so as to enable your birds to feed well.

The poultry feeding equipment is used for feeding poultry birds. Usually, foods are kept in the feeder and the birds start eating from there. The feeder should be kept neat and clean always to keep your chickens healthy. It is important that you keep a sufficient number of feeders in the poultry house according to the number of chickens; not more, not less.

You can choose from a variety of poultry drinking equipment including fountain drinkers, bell drinkers, and nipple drinkers. Fountain drinkers and bell drinkers are mainly used in deep litter production.

Nipple drinkers can be used both in deep-litter and in the cage system of poultry rearing.  When used in a deep-litter system, it is attached with a cup under the nipple to prevent wetting of litter material. These drinkers look like a nipple and water drops come out when they are pecked by chickens. They can be used for all types and classes of birds, but most commonly used in laying cages. One nipple drinker used in each cage housing 3 or 4 layers is sufficient.

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