Livestock Feed

These are specially formulated diets given to livestock in the course of animal husbandry.

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Layers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag

Layers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag

Sold - Nigeria
Broiler Super Starter Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag
- 11% Growers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag
Layer Concentrate ( Hybrid Brand) – 25Kg Bag
30% Growers Concentrate ( Hybrid Brand) – 25Kg Bag
Excellent Starter and Finisher Formula for Great Broiler Weight (eBook)
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Pre-Starter Feed for Poultry (Hendrix Brand) – 25kg Bag
- 9% Broiler Finisher Mash (Hybrid Brand) -25kg Bag
Xtramile Fishmeal Based Diet for Fish – High Quality Fish Feed

Feed for broiler chickens (meat birds) are basically denser in protein, thus encourage the flock to grow bigger with rapid weight gain.

Poultry feed types generally include
  • Starter feed is a protein dense variety (often 20-24%) of chicken feed especially recommended for the first few weeks post hatch for chicks.
  • Grower feed is especially recommended for growing pullets from 5-6 weeks till point-of-lay. It has a comparably lower protein content (about 16-18%) than the starter feed and less calcium content than the layer mash makes it conveniently support growth and development.
  • Layer feed has an ingenious balance of protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals that encourage top tier egg laying abilities in your flock. These contain extra calcium to ensure improved eggshell appearance/attributes in laying birds.
Feed appearance/textures

Mash:  Loose/fine and unprocessed version of chicken feed often similar to soil texture. These are especially recommended as they are easier to digest. Crumbles are coarse/semi-loose varieties of feed. Though not as compact as pellets, they are easier to manage than mashes. Pellets are essentially little compact cylinders of chicken feed with a constant shape, thus are easy to manage store and preserve. - Nigeria
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