Deliveries and pickup for day-old chicks (50 chicks per carton) are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays (Southwest Nigeria) and Tuesdays and Fridays (Other Regions). Kindly place your orders  2 days (at most) before the expected delivery days.

A day-old chick has the potential to become a broiler chicken, a layer or breeder depending on the breed/strain.  Given this versatility, the quality of day-old chicks (DOCs) matters immensely to poultry production.

  • Healthy chicks are the starting point for good poultry performance which is why attention to hatchery process as well as routine observation of growing chicks are vital to avoid poor chick quality.
  • We offer various poultry categories (day-old chicks, the point of lay hens, day-old turkeys etc)
  • All our DOCs are carefully handled, from the point of incubation to hatching stage, and are vaccinated from day-old (at the hatchery).
  • Then, they are shipped and delivered nationwide to our customers. - Nigeria
Enquiry (9am-5pm Business Days): +234 809 409 1115 | +234 808 2808 271 |
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