Cockerels, Kuroilers/Noilers (Day Old Chicks)

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Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Chicks
Kuroiler Chicken
Commercial Day Old Cockerel Chicks (White)
White cockerel
Commercial Black Cockerels (Day-Old Chicks)
Black chicks

Cockerels (roosters, cocks) are a male gallinaceous bird. Mature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. Cockerels have markedly pronounced combs on their heads, and they appear bulkier, with longer and more decorative tail feathers than hens. They have the unique characteristics of crowing.

Kuroilers are hybrids of broilers and cockerels. They have the resistance of cockerels and some meat characteristics of broilers and have an average maturity of 3 to 4 months. It is a dual-purpose chicken breed; that is, for meat and eggs.  They can scavenge for food and water thus can be managed in the intensive/semi-intensive systems. They are also not expensive i.e. they are affordable chicken breeds and cheaper to maintain.

Our day-old kuroilers/cockerels are sold in cartons of 50 chicks and are delivered nationwide. - Nigeria
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