Day Old Turkeys

These are one day old turkeys.

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Nigerian Turkey Poults

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Featured! The Nicholas

Exotic Turkey Poults – Nicholas Breed

Sold by::Grinphield
hybrid converter

Poults are simply baby turkeys. They are robust large birds raised mostly for meat. However, turkeys have good potential in our country, especially in the areas where people prefer lean meat. Naturally, low in fat and full of flavor, turkeys are not only tasty but very healthy for you and your family. We supply three distinct breeds of turkeys- the Nigerian/ Local turkey poult, exotic {Nicholas Breed} turkey and the exotic {Hybrid Converter Breed} Turkey.

Our birds are sold at day old and can be delivered nationwide.


Before leaving the point of delivery, please count your birds while the driver is still there. Once you ensure the driver or delivery agent witnesses any loss, and you confirm this with us. you will be compensated once we confirm/corroborate the loss/inconsistency at delivery.

Afrimash does not provide any warranty or guarantee on day-old chicks or poults-

  • Scheduled for delivery to extremely distant locations.
  • Which experience mortalities on arrival at farms and onwards
  • We advise the services of qualified veterinarians for routine observation and treatment (and consult the vaccination and medication schedule offered to you) - Nigeria
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