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Suckers (Plantain | Banana | Pineapple)


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We supply suckers that were bred from high-performing sucker-producing parent plants and they are reputed for rapid growth, early fruiting, and high yield potential.

  • A sucker is a lateral shoot that develops from the rhizome and usually emerges close to the parent plant.
  • The offered products are high-quality suckers that produce healthy fruits and conversely make cultivation a profitable one for farmers.
  • Available suckers include banana, plantain, and pineapple suckers.

We sell in large quantities and we will be able to supply as much as you demand.


A sucker is a plant growth that develops from the rootstock of a plant that has undergone grafting.

  • A sucker grows from the base of the root of the plant at a certain distance away from the plant.
  • This undesirable part of the plant should be removed to prevent it from sucking away the plant’s energy.
  • Rooted suckers can be dug up and planted elsewhere.


Plants that produce suckers 

  • Blackberries and raspberries boast an impressive list of about 250 species, all of which reproduce via suckers.
  • Other types of fruit that produce root suckers are apple trees, blueberries, cherry trees, plantain, plums, pears, pineapple, and banana.
  • In addition, several species of trees such as locust (Robinia) and elms (Ulmus) have aggressive roots that can spread via suckers.
  • Other trees that reproduce using root suckers are Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima), chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus), cottonwood poplar (Populus sp.), western redbud (Cercis occidentalis) and tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum).


Banana suckers

  • Both wild species of bananas and cultivated bananas produce suckers.
  • The clump of plants formed by the parent plant and its suckers is commonly called a mat. The botanical term for a mat is genet, and for a sucker is ramet.
  • Banana plants (Musa spp.), with sweet, nutritious fruit and attractive foliage, have many uses in the kitchen and home landscape.
  • Suckers come in three different types, but only sword suckers, or those with a well-developed root system, grow into thriving banana plants.
  • Maturity generally ranges from 15 to 24 months.


Pineapple suckers

A pineapple plant flowers only once and produces one pineapple. Then it dies. But before it dies it also produces offspring.

  • Suckers or pups are little plantlets that grow between the leaves of the mature pineapple.
  • Some varieties will produce more suckers than others, some will start earlier and others later.
  • But they all produce at least a few suckers or pups before they die.
  • If you leave the suckers in place you get what is called a “ratoon crop”.
  • How to take off suckers from pineapple plants: Grab them as close to the base as possible, and twist and pull at the same time. They usually come off easily.
  • And then plant them like you plant pineapple tops. Just stick them in the ground and they’ll grow.
  • Variety name: Smooth Cayenne.
  • The maturity period is 18 months.


Plantain suckers

  • Farmers traditionally depend on the natural regeneration process of new plantain suckers to replace their plantain plants.
  • They often remove all the suckers on a mat, except for the ones selected to replace the mother plant.
  • However, with the advent of technology and other sophisticated techniques, planting and harvesting plantain suckers require fewer inputs and can be planted immediately on the field.
  • Generally, plantain requires 10 to 12 months from planting to harvest.

Specification: Suckers (Plantain | Banana | Pineapple)

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Banana plantation, Pineapple production, Plantain production

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Sucker (Plantain | Banana | Pineapple)

Sucker (Plantain | Banana | Pineapple)



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