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Semi-automatic Poultry Plant | 1000 BPH (Shipped From Overseas)



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The general steps for recommended poultry processing include:

Poultry transport to the slaughterhouse – hook assembly line – shock/slaughter – bloodletting – scalding – feather-plucking – evisceration/processing – washing – pre-chilling – cutting – packing.

We have all the processing equipment.

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Poultry Processing

Efficient poultry processing requires some very valuable tools/ equipment for desirable end results. We are offering a combo of essential equipment for setting up a semi-automatic poultry plant with a 500 birds per hour processing capacity.

Semi-automatic Poultry Processing Plant

This equipment combo offer includes:

Gravity Crate Conveyor

The gravity crate conveyor is ideally suited for easy handling of live bird crates. Gravity conveyors are a popular and efficient way to move goods through a semi-automatic poultry plant. They are non-powered systems that move products using gravity. They work by allowing the product to roll along the top surface.

Overhead Conveyor with frame and T Track assembly

Overhead conveyors operate above or over the heads of both workers and other poultry processing equipment. They free up valuable floor space by moving conveyor systems up above work areas. It is an incredibly efficient, safe, and reliable means of conveyance of birds that maximizes space and minimizes hassle.

Shackles and Trolleys

The carriers of the overhead conveyor which are connected to the chain (shackles) or trollies are responsible for handling the birds. They do so via a revolving, endless loop of chain within a rigid track or a straight run of trollies.

Stunning Unit

A bird stunning unit like the name implies is used in modern poultry processing plants to stun birds before slaughter. Stunning is the process of rendering animals unconscious before slaughtering them for food. The stunning renders the birds insensitive to pain.

Bleeding Trough

The bleeding trough is uniquely designed to fit the killing line layout to ensure that all blood is collected without contamination to the factory floor. It is used to convert live birds into raw poultry meat products fit for human consumption. The objective of bleeding is to kill the animal with minimal damage to the carcass and to remove quickly as much blood as possible as blood is an ideal medium for the growth of bacteria.

Scalding Tank

The poultry scalding tank comes after the bleeding stage in poultry processing. In this stage, the birds go through scalding tanks which contain hot water. The hot water serves the purpose of softening the skin so that the feathers of the birds can be removed afterward.

Head Puller

The head puller is designed for removing bird heads after their necks are cut and bled out in poultry slaughtering plants.

Evisceration Belt Conveyor

After de-feathering and head removal, the next step is an evisceration. The evisceration belt conveyor is used to transfer waste offal to collection bins during evisceration. Each step of evisceration, from opening the abdomen to removing the viscera, is critical and must be closely monitored. It is critical to maintain and adjust equipment on a regular basis in order to reduce and/or eliminate waste.

Bird Washer

The bird washer thoroughly washes the interior and exterior of bird carcasses. Its washing units have spray pipes with spiraled nozzles that enter the carcass to clean and spray the bird from the inside. There are also multiple nozzles installed to completely wash the birds from the outside.

Hock Cutter

The hock cutter is designed for cutting chicken hock (feet) in a poultry slaughtering line. Our versatile hock cutter ensures the perfect cut-off of the hock as the bird moves along an overhead conveyor. A shackle guide is positioned to bend the hocks just before a rotating knife cuts through the ankle joint. It can handle various weight ranges and bird breeds.

Screw Chiller

The Poultry Screw Chiller otherwise known as Spin Chiller is used for (pre)chilling birds. It is in used poultry processing plants to continuously cool down the eviscerated birds to the core temperatures required. It is very efficient and operates in a time-saving manner.

Drip Drum

The drip drum follows right after the birds have passed through the poultry screw chiller. It is used in separating excess water and brine from poultry after the pre-chilling.

Cutting Machine

The portioning machine, also known as a chicken cutting machine or chicken/meat cutter is used to cut fresh and frozen poultry meat and other kinds of meat like duck, goose, turkey, etc., into blocks.

Packing table

The poultry packing table is well indicated for optimal and hygienic poultry processing after cutting the chicken into portions. It used to pack the birds with the help of bagging cones.

Electrical Panel

An electrical control panel is an enclosure, typically a metal box or plastic molding which contains important electrical components that control and monitor a number of mechanical processes. It is used to monitor and control various inputs and outputs of the mechanized functions of poultry processing equipment.

Steam Boiler

This is a closed vessel in which water is heated to produce steam.

With this set of equipment, your 1000 BPH semi-automatic poultry plant is ready to go!

Specification: Semi-automatic Poultry Plant | 1000 BPH (Shipped From Overseas)


Item Type

Item Condition

, ,


1000 BPH


70 mtr conveyor length

Suitable For

semi-automatic poultry processing plant

Weight 1000000 g

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Semi-automatic Poultry Plant | 1000 BPH (Shipped From Overseas)
Semi-automatic Poultry Plant | 1000 BPH (Shipped From Overseas)


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