One Pack of Automatic Nipple Drinker with Clip

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The automatic nipple drinker with clip for chickens comes in a pack of 100 pieces. They discharge water for chickens to drink without wetting the litter. It can be used for broilers, layers, pullets, and other similar birds.

The nipple clip is 3/4″, so you will need a 3/4″ PVC pipe for installing them.

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You probably already know that keeping your chickens healthy and happy requires that you give them fresh, clean water regularly. Once your birds are happy, they grow well and lay more eggs (in the case of layers).

Having your water discharged through the nipple system ensures that your chickens always have fresh, clean water.

The automatic nipple drinker can be used for layers, broilers and similar birds in cages or on the floor. You can use one automatic nipple drinker with clip for 3 or 4 chickens in the cage. Alternatively, you can use it for up to 8 chickens in deep litter rearing system.All you have to do is attach the nipple drinker with clip to the PVC pipe that is connected to a water supply source. Once the chicken pecks on the tip of the nipple, they are able to drink water.

Chickens are easily attracted to shiny materials, so they will easily peck at the shiny nipple tip and then discover that it’s a source of water.

A Pack of 100 Pieces

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3/4 inch pipe

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Posted on August 11, 2017 by Bukky

I am impressed with the quality of all the products I have gotten so far from There has been no issues so far with the Nipple Drinker. They are working perfectly. I will get more products from Afrimash.

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