Piglet Feeder (1×4 Feeder)


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The ideal feed delivery equipment is recommended to ensure delivery of fresh and uncontaminated feed to growing piglets. This is provided by the 1×4 piglet feeder as it allows each pig even access to feeds.

This ultimately allows for diligent monitoring of growth and nutrition.

1×4 piglet feeder

Pig are sensitive animals, thus require specific feed and very good hygiene etc. The average pig farmer thus has many expectations regarding the equipment used for piglet rearing.

The feeders can be used for pellets, granules or meal and also accommodates any type of dry feeding system. They can stand in pen or they can be installed in the pen partition. Rounded edges of the feeders help protect pigs against injuries.

A unique feature is that it can be easily mounted on the walls, or kept on the floor, and reduces the incidence of feed contamination-as against that obtainable when using earthen feeding and drinking troughs.

Features of the piglet feeder
  • Ad libitum dry feeder for pigs within the weight range of 8kg to 30kg
  • This feeder ensures no feed wastage
  • Amount of feed dispensed can be adjusted easily
  • Made of reinforced plastic with stainless steel borders
  • Deliver feed for up to 16 pigs with 4 feeding places (thus calculate 4 animals per feeding place)
  • Can be filled by hand, thus it is suitable for mash and pelletized feed
  • It can be mounted to the wall or just placed on the concrete floor

Specification: Piglet Feeder (1×4 Feeder)

Item Type

Wall mounted feeder for piglet

Suitable For

Swine production, Management, Swine feeding systems

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1 unit

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Big Dutchman has planned and realised feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production already since 1938. We offer you practical, economical and environment-friendly solutions all geared to future needs.

Big Dutchman is the recognised market leader in the entire industry. Across five continents and in more than 100 countries, our name stands for long-lasting quality, rapid service and unsurpassed know-how. Our innovations have had considerable impact on livestock management and will continue to do so.

We plan to make sure it will remain that way.

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( 0 ) ratings
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