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WANDA Semi-automatic Poultry Cages [Premium]


The WANDA Premium Semi-automatic Poultry Cages are designed for clean and easy egg packing as well as minimal feed spillage when feeding chickens. They come with all required water accessories and adjoining parts.

The cages come with a capacity of up to 60, 64, 90, 96, 120 or 128 birds per unit, depending on the model you choose to buy.

The cages are suitable for all kinds of egg-laying chickens including breeders, layers, point-of-lay and point-of cage birds. They are well designed for clean and easy collection of eggs, seamless serving of feed and easy management of the entire cage.

The cages’ wire mesh is made of galvanized iron which prevent rusting and give the cages a longer life span.

They come with automatic nipple drinking system, complete with necessary adjoining parts as well as the step down water container.

They are very affordable and durable.

The cages’ wire mesh is made of galvanized iron which prevents rusting and gives the cages a longer life span

The cages’ wire mesh is made of galvanized iron which prevents rusting and gives the cages a longer life span. The stands are very strong and rugged.

All WandA Cages Come With:

  • Full automatic Drinking system
  • Premium Feeding system to avoid feed wastage
  • Durable Frames for the cages
  • Good quality Connecting fittings

We also provide:

  • One year warranty
  • Installation (optional)

You can order for any of the models. If you require a special specification (not included below), please state that in your enquiry and we would let you know if we have that too.

Here’s a brief explanation of some of the contents of the specifications.

Feeding Trough

WandA Semi-automatic Poultry Cages come with two types of feeding trough depending on the model you choose to buy.

  • Plastic Feeding Trough: The synthetic plastic feeding trough is made from synthetic plastic material called Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). As they are made from PVC, they do not rust and therefore last longer. Also, they help prevent feed wastage because of their shape.
  • Aluminium Feeding Trough: The aluminium feeding trough is made from aluminum. As a result, it is lightweight and also durable.

WANDA Poultry Cage Automatic Watering System

Our watering system comes with nipple of the best quality so that you don’t have to bother about leaking nipples. With proper maintenance policy, you are guaranteed of using your cage with no complaints for a minimum of 5 years.

Birds Capacity Per Unit

The two sides of one unit of Wanda battery cage can contain up to 60, 64, 90, 96, 120 or 128 birds per unit.

The two sides of one unit of Wanda battery cage can contain up to 60, 64, 90, 96, 120 or 128 birds per unit.

For the WANDA poultry cages, you can choose any of the 60 (two tiers), 64 (two tiers), 90 (three tiers), 96 (three tiers), 120 (four tiers) or 128 (four tiers) birds per unit.

D4 Models

The D4 models will help you save cost in places where ventilation is extremely good (for example high rise poultry houses). Unlike the D5 models, they contain more birds within the same space.

With the D4-46A model or D4-46P model , 10 units will contain up to 960 birds. That is 60 extra birds compared to the equivalent in the D5 models which will take 900 birds.

D5 Models

The D5 models are recommended for areas with regular ventilation.  Many farmers purchase the D5 models to ensure their chickens enjoy good ventilation.

With the D5-36A and D5-36P models, 10 units will contain 900 birds. That is 60 birds less compared to the equivalent in the D4 models.



Three tiers (one unit)

The D5-36 model and the D4-46 models are 77 inches (6 feet, 6 inches) long and 78 inches (6 feet, 7 inches) wide.

Note that you will leave a setback of 3 to 4 feet space on both sides for easy serving and picking of eggs.

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Our cages are suitable for Point-of-cage layers (12 weeks old), Point-of-lay layers (16-18 weeks old) and laying chickens generally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many chickens can one unit of WANDA cage contain?

Answer 1: It depends on the model you buy. Please see the available models above.

Question 2: Can I request for a specification not included in the models above.

Answer 2: Yes. Use the “Make Enquiry” button to make your request.

Question 3: Are WANDA cages imported?

Answer 3: No. They are fabricated in Nigeria using high quality materials that ensure durability.

Question 4: Can you provide me a warranty?

Answer 4: All WANDA cages come with one year warranty.

Question 5: Can I pay a deposit and then balance up before you send my order?

Answer 5: Yes, you can pay a deposit of at least 70%.

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Posted on June 8, 2016 by Clement

Good day all, To tell the truth, when I sent payment for the D4-48P WANDA cage, I wasn\'t sure of what to expect, and some friends blamed me. I was so impressed when my cages arrive on time as they scheduled. The most impressive part the entire arrangement is that the cages were neater than I imagined. Secondly, I saw that their customer service is of international level. They are very courteous and helpful. They made my order a lot easier. The staff sent for the installation did a perfect job and were very well mannered, well behaved in addition to their professional proficiency. The follow up calls ensuring that all remained intact is well noted and appreciated by the entire farm staff and management. Afrimash, we wish that you continue in your professional level and never relete in your human relations, appreciate research and the sky would be within your reach. .....

Kindly note that the final product may vary slightly from the picture displayed. However, the quality and warranty will remain as described on the product page. If you have a special requirement, please state that in your purchase note.

We aim to achieve 5-star positive feedback from our buyers all the time. So, we ensure we supply you exactly what you paid for and at the time agreed for delivery.

Kindly get in touch with us via the Request a Quote button if you have any issue with any of our products so we can rectify it and provide you with 100% satisfactory service. Also, if you are buying more than 10 units of our cage, we will provide you with a wholesale discount.

So, feel free to buy from us. You will be glad you did!

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