Agrident AWR 300 Stick Reader (For Reading RFID Ear Tags)


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We offer the Agrident Model AWR 300 stick reader: A sturdy high-quality portable RFID reader for ear tags complying with the ISO 11784/11785 standard.

  • It can read transponders with FDX-B and HDX technology.
  • In addition to the reading functions, the device can store up to 1.000.000 records in several groups in the large internal memory.
  • Each record also contains a timestamp plus a Visual ID and an Alert (if available).
  • The data are transmitted via the several available interfaces directly after reading like USB, RS232, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (optional).
  • For more information on how to use this product, watch the attached video

Agrident AWR 300 Stick Reader

The smart and powerful Stick Reader Agrident AWR 300 is developed for mobile use and for quick and powerful readings in a rough environment like stables, markets and abattoirs. This gadget also offers a mode for easy data collection and a database for additional information about the animal.

The AWR300 also supports the Task-Mode and the Data-Base-Function (DBF) if the appropriate definitions or data have been uploaded. This is usually done by 3rd-party Management Software.
The reader has a large color display with keys for easy and convenient navigation through menu and data. In
addition, the device has status LEDs above the display for charging and interface information and multicolor LEDs at the tip which indicate the current reading state. The integrated speaker provides acoustical feedback to the user and the vibrating handle is very useful in noisy environments.

Product Specifications

  • Very robust and works under extreme conditions
  • Frequency: 134.2 KHz
  • Offers secure and fast reading, which makes it possible to read the information in situations such as at the loading or unloading of animals
  • Transponder types: HDX compatible (ISO 11784/5) and the FDX-B compatible (ISO 11784/5)
  • Reading distance: up to 30 cm (12”) with HDX and FDX Ø 30 mm ear tags
  • Long lasting permanent reading mode with animal counter when fast reading is required, e.g. while loading or unloading
  • Different animal groups can be registered in the internal memory
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Weight: Approximately 710 grams including battery
  • Approvals: CE

Product Features

  • Long-lasting Battery: More than 30 hours in push-to-read mode and outstanding 12 hours in permanent read mode are possible
  • Large Colour Display: The new large color TFT display shows much more information than before
  • Better Signalisation: The integrated loudspeaker, vibration, and the color display offer various ways to indicate pre-programed alarms and actions.
  • Large Memory of 4 GB offers enough space for the data of up to 1 Million animals
  • Task Mode and Integrated Database: The AWR300 is backwards compatible to AWR200 and Software compatible to APR500 including TASK and DATA BASE mode. Self-defined tasks can be loaded and make frequent works convenient and quicker.
  • The integrated Database for up to 50.000 data sets offers offline data about the specific animal. The data can be changed and added from customized lists (e.g. medicines).
  • Major brands of scales can be connected via Bluetooth or RS232 and the weight can be added into the database
  • More Connectivity: Beside USB, RS232, and Bluetooth the unique Wi-Fi option makes reliable connections to smartphones, wireless networks, and scales very simple. Data transfer from and to the AWR300 is very easy using the File transfer or VCP option.
  • Light and Robust Housing: The new robust IP 67 housing is more than 20% lighter and better balanced than any current stick reader. This keeps hands and arms relaxed at long-lasting workdays. The newly designed connector for USB and RS232 is easy to handle and very robust. It is IP 67 proof even without an additional rubber cap.
  • In addition to the many new features, the AWR300 also offers the advantages of outstanding reading range, a very robust housing, and an exchangeable battery

Product dimensions:

  • 650 x 85 x 42 mm (l x w x h)


Specification: Agrident AWR 300 Stick Reader (For Reading RFID Ear Tags)

Weight2500 g
Dimensions65 × 8.5 × 4.2 cm
Item Type

Item Condition

, ,

Digital LED display

Available with user friendly control panel


Convenient handling, Durable material, Sleek design

Suitable For

Animal Identification | Tracking | Data collection


Sturdy and high grade box

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Videos: Agrident AWR 300 Stick Reader (For Reading RFID Ear Tags)

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Agrident AWR 300 Stick Reader (For Reading RFID Ear Tags)
Agrident AWR 300 Stick Reader (For Reading RFID Ear Tags)



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