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Let me teach you how to start and run a successful cocoa and cocoa powder export business right in Nigeria. Download my manual today and discover the secret to export business.

Watch my video and discover how to get foreign buyers to queue up to buy my export product without spending a dime. Discover my two (2) secure payment methods that let my buyers pay into my account even before I ship the product to them.

Download the manual and watch the video and see how to package and sell cocoa and cocoa powder in the international market.

Grab yours now.

Over the years, the majority of Nigerians that love to start and run export business got stuck at what product to export and make more profit on their investments. This problem alone has had many people dropped the dream of reaching their goals in export business.

And if you fall into this category then I am congratulating you right now as I am going to expose to you one of the highly demanded products in the international markets.

Cocoa and Cocoa Powder are one of the Nigeria agro and exportable products that their usefulness can never be ignored in health and beauty industries. With over $48billion monthly spending on this product in US and UK markets alone, you can’t lose selling this product in international markets.

In response to the numerous Nigerians that are seriously looking for what to sell, I produced the complete guide to Cocoa and Cocoa powder export business kit. This manual and the video will help start and run a successful export business without losing your shirt.

Our Cocoa and Cocoa powder export kit and manual are tailored in chapters to perfectly reveal to you the step by step guide to export business in Nigeria. It is not one of those fluffs-filled, watery, or rehashed pdf that have filled up the internet today.

Here are Few of the Contents and what you will discover if you buy this course today:

[+] CHAPTER ONE: Export Documentations and Procedures

Because we understand and know there’s no export transaction without these documents and of course, to solve the major problem and challenges in export business for you, we treated this at the first chapter. Our manual and video cover all the documents required to export cocoa and cocoa powder and also list out where and how to get it. You will discover the name of each important documents and sample (picture) of how each looks like.
You must open and see.


In every successful export trade, there must be a thorough market research. This alone has caused many to fail in export business. To be able to perform well in export business, you must know what the market holds and of course, who are your buyers and where are they. We combine expertise with our modern tools to show you how the process works in export business market research and evaluation. If you miss this level in export business, trust me; you will fail!

[+] CHAPTER THREE: PRODUCT SOURCING – As an exporter, you must know how to source for

As an exporter, you must know how to source for good quality product. But it is always easy, especially if you’re starting as a beginner and that’s we placed the pain on our shoulder and show you the right place to source for cocoa and cocoa powder in Nigeria. We list the details, contact, address, websites, and phone numbers of the major and distributors of cocoa powder in Nigeria.

We also teach you how to identify the Natural and Alkaline cocoa powder. It is very important to your export business if you want to be successful and make good money from your investment.


Even the biggest business in the world knows the important of having satisfied and serious buyers. They are the life of every business. And you know what?

We reveal how to get foreign buyers that are already looking for you to supply them and get paid instantly. And as an extra tip, we reveal our modern tools in getting serious buyers and companies that will buy and sign the export contract with you for cocoa powder deal. MISS THIS AND FORGET export trade.


The sweetest spot of every business is when money comes in. And the funniest part of the export trade is, you can supply and kiss your investment a good goodbye if you do not have a manual like this to help secure your investment by revealing to you how to get paid before even ship your product.

In this manual, we discussed four major ways you can get paid but you MUST ONLY STICK with the FIRST TWO to stay secured and always ensure you get paid.

[+]And many more

This product does not teach you how to export cocoa powder alone but also include some huge bonuses that you can forever live to use for other businesses. Few are listed below:



This manual will be yours for free if you order for cocoa and cocoa powder export kit today and it will teach you how to get loan of ₦500,000 – ₦1,000,000 without any collateral. (This is only available for the first 30 people that order this manual)

[2] Free Online Training

We also included free online training for all the buyers of this package.

[3] Free Facebook Group

You will be added to our online training Facebook group for regular offers on cocoa and cocoa powder export business. Here you will also be able to join some of our US, UK and China healthy and beauty companies and wholesalers that already align to pay you to get them cocoa and cocoa powder. Opportunity for life.


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The eBook is easy to read. It is in PDF and is downloadable from your email inbox. You can read it on your computer or iPad or phone. You can also print it out to read.

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Export Business In Nigeria – Cocoa Powder Export Kit
Export Business In Nigeria – Cocoa Powder Export Kit



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Buyer Protection
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We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card
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