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Weeding Machines + Insecticide 1L (Category Week Offer)

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Take advantage of Afrimash category week discounted sales! We offer you a unique combination of Weeding Machine and Perfect Killer Insecticide at a promo price.

  • Purchasing this product, you would benefit from our super-fast delivery service anywhere you are in the country.
  • This offer is specially made for crop farmers wanting to boost farming productivity.
  • Note that these discounted offers expire on May 22nd, 2021.
  • Make a purchase now and enjoy convenient agriculture!

Weeding Machines + Insecticide 1L

Pests are huge threats to crop farmers. We have compiled premium products that can help farmers effectively fight these enemies (Weeding Machines + Insecticide 1L). Take advantage of our Category Week Offers today and gain possession of these great products:

Weeding Machine

Perfect Killer Insecticide


Perfect Killer

Perfect Killer insecticide successfully eliminates termites and other forms of insects that attack your crops and farm surroundings. It is also applicable for use in homes and workplaces.

  • In making a perfect formula, add 1500 ml of the liquid in 100 litres of water and apply on the soil around the plant.  You can also infuse the solution into holes bored in the ground near the plant at a distance of 30-50 cm apart.
  • Perfect Killer insecticide effectively manages and controls the spread of termites and other creepy pests in parks, plantations and factories. Some of these insects can also be seen on furniture and in buildings; this is not good enough for residents of these homes.
  • Therefore there is a need to make use of the Perfect killer to help eliminate this and keep your home safe. With this product, you are offered a superior method of protecting your farm/home against termites, ants,  and other destructive insects.



  • A broad spectrum of strong contact and stomach poison with fumigant action. It effectively controls boil worms, cutworms, white grub, termites, borers on crops like cotton, vegetables, pulses, paddy, and fruit trees.
  • It is also widely used in pre and post-construction and in public health
  • Pre Harvest Interval: 28 days
  • Re-entry period: 24 hours


Dosage profile

Crop per hectare Recommended pest Dosage and dilution in 500 litres of water
Paddy Brown leafhopper, stem borer 1250 ml
Pulses Pod borer, leaf rotter, cutworm 2000 – 3000 ml
Cotton Aphids, bollworm, whitefly 1250 ml
Vegetable Shoot borer, caterpillar, diamond black moth, cutworm 1000 – 1250 ml
Fruit trees Pyrilla, aphid, termite 1250 ml

Weeding Machines

These mini weeding machines are quite portable. It can be used to eradicate weeds, particularly from ridges, small plants, such as vegetable farms and other farmlands. It operates at a high degree of quality, saves manpower and muscle, prevents repetitive use of herbicide and prevents crop and soil damage.

  • It can be commonly used in gardens, orchards, parks, greenhouses, vineyards, nurseries, plantations, vegetable gardens, and other sites where plants grow and weeds are present. This machine has good settings, performs effectively and efficiently and in the long run aids cost savings.
  • This gadget can function as a multipurpose machine, the blade can be mowed, the rotary knife can clean up the dirt, the weeding knife can also be used; it is definitely a valuable farm machine.


Features of the mini weeding machines

  • This mini weeding machine is designed for effective field weeding and it does that so well
  • With this weeding machine, you do not need to use a weedicide; thus preventing environmental pollution caused by the use of chemicals
  • It has a good weeders design feature that could loosen soil avoid soil hardening
  • It is the essential farm tool for cultivating rice,
  • It is easy to move on the farm
  • It is economical and practical for better farming

Specification: Weeding Machines + Insecticide 1L (Category Week Offer)

Estimated delivery (working days)

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Weeding Machines + Insecticide 1L (Category Week Offer)
Weeding Machines + Insecticide 1L (Category Week Offer)


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