TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag


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Do you need to minimize costs by producing your own feed? Our poultry feed offers you improved profits without compromising feed quality. We offer the Premier Mills brand of both the Broiler finisher mash/pelleted variants.

  • Our feed is produced in compliance with prevailing quality and industry standards and well recommended for growing birds to improve the nutritive balance.
  • Topfeed brands are widely appreciated for their longer shelf life, high nutritional content and excellent quality.

TopFeed for Broiler Finishers

The topfeed broiler finisher is advised after consuming starter feed till the point of disposal of the birds. Finisher mash is designed at a very high energy level with well-balanced protein, energy ratio to get faster, and maximum weight gain with lowest feed conversion ratio (F. C. R.).

The finisher feed is aimed at achieving a higher growth rate, higher feed utilization rate, and low disease incidences at the early stage of the life of a chicken. It is highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to birds from week 5 till sale.

Features of the TopFeed Brand feed for finishers

  • The broiler finisher is indicated for maximizing performance, maximum weight gain at the lowest possible production cost.
  • Fed from 5 weeks of age till selling date
  • Accounts for the major cost of feeding
  • Involves change in feed density (increase energy & decrease other nutrients)
  • Made from highly digestible ingredients

Good uniformity of particle size is essential because birds prefer bigger particles. Thus, when mash feed is poorly produced, the dominant birds will quickly eat those bigger grain particles, while the rest of the birds will eat the finer particles. This situation can potentially create an imbalance in nutrition and consequently sub-optimal performance. Thus, we offer the mash and pelleted variants to suit a variety of needs for the birds and farmers.

Poultry feed

Unlike feeds for ruminants, poultry diets are usually complete feeds and supply the total daily requirements apart from water. These feed help to maximize production whether it be for eggs, meat or rearing replacements. Essentially, broiler varieties of chicken feed are denser in protein, which encourages the flock to grow bigger, faster.


  • This is a loose and unprocessed version of chicken feed. Similar to the texture of potting soil, the mash is the finest variety of chicken feed commonly available. Mash is normally used for chicks, as it is easy to digest, however it is not uncommon for fully mature birds to be fed mash. The main issue with mash varieties of chicken feed is that its texture often results in an increase of incidental waste.

Pelleted Feed

  • Pellet system of feeding is really a modification of the mash system. Pelleting involves conditioning raw materials by adding heat and water in the form of steam. The conditioned feed ingredients are then compressed into a dense mass and shaped to conform to the die against which they are pressed and cut. The heat and moisture are withdrawn through cooling so the ingredients can withstand moderately rough handling without excessive breakage. Pellets can then be crumbled into smaller particles to allow the chickens to consume the feed efficiently. The greatest advantage of using pellets is that there is little waste in feeding.

Crumbled Feed

  • In simple terms crumble is a coarse variety of mash but not as compact of pellets. Reminiscent of the texture of oatmeal, crumble is a semi-loose variety of chicken feed that is slightly easier to manage than mash. This feed acts as a gap between mash and pellets as most birds prefer the crumbly texture.

Specification: TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag

Item Type



Suitable For

Broiler Finishers


25kg bags

Weight 25000 g

Videos: TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag

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TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag
TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag


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