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Pre-Starter Feed for Poultry (Hendrix Brand) – 25kg Bag


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Hendrix pre-starter feed is appropriately formulated to ensure early broiler growth and improved health. This results in high and reproducible livestock production results.

  • The pre-starters are special feed/diets fed to broiler chickens for the first three to five days post-hatch. These contain different sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acid specifications.
  • This feed is imported and presented in 25kg bags.

Pre-starter feed for poultry chicks

High-density pre-starter feed not only enhance early growth, but they also improve lifetime performance of livestock. Thus they are formulated to balance the early diet of day-old chicks with nutritionally excellent supplements.

For broilers, the first four days represent a substantial part of a broiler’s life as the feed consumption of chicks directly impact future performance. The pre-starter helps to fulfill the specific nutritional needs of the young chick, supporting its transition from eating the yolk sac to the first diet consumed. Availability of the right nutrients immediately post-hatch is critical for growth and development of the internal organs. The small size of the feed particles makes it easy for the chicks to pick up and ingest faster.

Why use a pre-starter diet for your chicks?
  • To boost gut development: Probiotics, proteins and other nutrients help to drive body weight gain, maintain body temperature and supply beneficial bacteria/protect the growing chicks from pathogens.
  • To support immunity: As the immune system continually develops from the embryo till post hatch and continues thereafter. Proteins present in pre-starter feeds help support the acquired immune system.
  • To improve uniformity: This is an important goal for broiler producers which informs maximal feeding at critical stages. This results in improved gastrointestinal activities and closure of the growth gap among growing birds. Feeding a pre-starter diet that specifically meets the requirements of a chick in the first few days of life is the best way to ensure a good start. It is a significant and cost-effective investment with the aim of promoting efficiency throughout the chick’s life cycle.
Feeding Schedule

Pre-starters are often fed from day old till about 7 days post-hatch. The higher the quality of the diet, the shorter
the duration of the feeding period required. Broilers fed the pre-starter diet attain a heavier market weight when compared to others on conventional feed formula.

Such minimal changes in feed formulation for just a small period of time results in a big impact throughout the
commercial life of a broiler. Thus, this cost-effective feeding option always pays good dividends at maturity/point of sale.

Product features
  • Excellent pre-starter feed for broilers.
  • Higher feed utilization rate and low disease incidences.
  • It is highly balanced in nutrients and supplements.
  • The feed particles are easy for chicks to pick up and ingest.
  • For healthy growth of the chick in order to develop high immunity to face the possible stresses like diseases, climate etc

Specification: Pre-Starter Feed for Poultry (Hendrix Brand) – 25kg Bag

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25kg bags

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Weight 25000 g

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Pre-Starter Feed for Poultry (Hendrix Brand) – 25kg Bag
Pre-Starter Feed for Poultry (Hendrix Brand) – 25kg Bag




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We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card

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