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Stalosan F (Disinfectant Powder | Hygiene Solutions for Litter)


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Stalosan F is a broad-spectrum powder disinfectant used in animal production for controlling pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites), binding water and ammonia and controlling pH of the litter.

Stalosan F has many advantages in poultry productions that among others include control of different pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. Coccidia spp, Salmonella spp, Campylobacters spp, Aspergillus spp) in bedding and air as well as the neutralization of harmful substances and conditions (ammonia odor reduction, hydrogen sulfide vapors, mastitis, diarrhea, septicemia) that affect livestock. This agent also improves bedding durability, ensuring loose and dry litter.

  • Watch the videos below for additional information on the application of Stalosan F

Stalosan F for poultry

A weekly dosage of Stalosan F several times has proven the following

  • Control of characteristic harmful microorganisms e.g. Coccidia spp, Salmonella spp, Campylobacter spp, Aspergillus spp, and ticks.
  • Substantial improvement in bedding quality (maintaining a loose dry bed, increasing the durability of the bedding material).

Recommended application

For best results, an application should be adjusted to the farm health status, mortality, disease problems faced and production performance. This agent can be used directly on litter. at a general dose of 50 g per square meter. It can also be used in battery cage and deep litter systems. Even while the birds are present.

Broiler farms

For broilers, use Stalosan F every week for the whole production cycle if higher mortality appears, due to increased pathogen pressure. In conditions of the good health status of the flock, two applications per turn can improve the production results significantly.

  1. First application prior to bird accommodation.
  2. Second application prior to the critical period, where mortality can peak (around day 12 – 15).
  3. For production periods exceeding 36 days, a third application can be considered (around day 28 – 30).


  • Stalosan powder: 5 applications on days 0, 7, 14, 21, 28 and at 50 grams/m² = 250gr/m²
  • Density (varying with density and body weight): 18 birds/m² = 13,9 gr./bird for the whole production cycle.

Laying Hens

  • In order to maintain good animal health and performance, Stalosan can be applied twice per month during the whole production period.
  • Stalosan can be used against persisting pathogens. Recommended application is daily for the first 3 days and twice a week afterward for the first month. From the second month, applications can be reduced to once per week and in the third month, the application can follow pathogen control recommendations.
  • Usually, Stalosan is used during the stress periods like laying start (week 19 – 21), laying peak (week 29 – 31), feed change (week 39 – 41, 59 – 61), during medication or other stressing procedures.
  • The same application recommendations are applied for cage raised layers, where each level should be calculated as a treatment area.
  • Stalosan powder – one application per week at 50gr/m²
  • Density – 9 layers/m² = 5,56 gr./bird/week
  • 52 weeks x 5,56 gr = 290 gr./bird/year

Breeders farms

  • For Breeders, we recommend applying similar to the one for laying hens. We advise performing two (2) applications per month for the whole production period if the flock is in a good health condition for better performance.


Stalosan powder:

  • Treat with Stalosan areas around feeders and drinkers where appropriate, normally by hand.
  • Additionally, treatment with Stalosan powder around drinkers by hand is recommended.
  • Females – 90 days fattening – 12 weeks x 50gr./m² once weekly = 600gr./m² = 86 gr./bird.
  • Males – 120 days fattening = 17 weeks x 50gr/m² once weekly = 850 gr./m² = 0,213 gr./bird.

Precautions for Stalosan F application

  • Stalosan application and aerosol vaccination should be performed separately.
  • Ensure 24 hours period betweenStalosan application and aerosol vaccination.
  • As far as breeders and layers are quite stressful it is good to start Stalosan application during the pre-laying period. The birds should build a neutral reaction to the applications of Stalosan F. Otherwise stress may decrease the laying rate or cause bird crowding and suffocation of a significant number of birds.
  • Please make sure no lumped product is used for application in poultry (especially young one or small size birds). The lumps can block the trachea and cause suffocation and dead of the animals.

Specification: Stalosan F (Disinfectant Powder | Hygiene Solutions for Litter)

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Videos: Stalosan F (Disinfectant Powder | Hygiene Solutions for Litter)

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Stalosan F (Disinfectant Powder | Hygiene Solutions for Litter)
Stalosan F (Disinfectant Powder | Hygiene Solutions for Litter)




Buyer Protection

Make safe and reliable transaction with us

Safe Payment

We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card

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