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The continuous growth of aquaculture depends on the production of fish seeds with high fertilization, survival and growth rates, high feed conversion efficiency among other factors. Fish farming in Nigeria is currently a very lucrative business and is mainly boosted by the continuous rise in the demand for fish varieties.

Whether you are just starting out in aquaculture with the hope of making an extra income or going into full-scale commercial production, we supply any quantity of  Heteroclarias spp fingerlings

  • We have prices for each fingerling and offer orders for different quantities.
  • You could also request a quote for a specific quantity and shipping information.
  • Fishes will be well packaged and delivered to your pickup point or farm location.

Heteroclarias Spp fingerlings/post fingerlings are products of a cross between male Heterobranchus longifilis and female Clarias gariepinus.

Heterobranchus spp has a growth rate twice as fast as that of Clarias gariepinus while the latter survive in poorly
oxygenated water. Hybridization between these two clariid catfishes thus produces offsprings that possess a combination of these desirable qualities.

The objective of fish farming is to obtain the maximum increase in weight (biomass) of the fish/unit area of volume/unit with a specific level of management practice. These require the knowledge of fish growth, carrying capacity, nutrition, yield, and water quality parameters.

Features of Heteroclarias spp fingerlings
  • Heteroclarias spp is very rugged and disease resistant, and they consume less feed when compared to Clarias species.
  • They attain bigger sizes than Clarias spp, and they weigh much higher at harvest.
  • They thrive well on a wide range of plant protein based fish feeds.
  • Longer post-harvest survival thus will be preferable to buyers.
  • Improved taste due to its white flesh.

Specification: Heteroclarias Spp Fingerlings/Post Fingerlings (Hybrid) -Special Maxi Brand

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Special Maxi fish supplies come with 100 extra fingerling fishes for every 1000 pieces of fingerlings purchased from us as well as extra 50 juveniles fishes for every 50 juveniles purchased. You can expect prompt service and quality fish from us.

The Clarias spp fingerlings are available for pickup within 3 days of making payment while juveniles are available within 2-3 weeks of payment.

Preparation and Daily Routine of Catfish Culture

Before Arrival of Fingerlings

  1. Cleaning and preparation of ponds (fertilization and liming)
  2. Cleaning of the environment against pests and insects
  3. Checking the water supply to the ponds
  4. Check pH level of your water( moderate pH level 6.0)
  5. Check the inlet and outlets if they are in good condition for effective flow through

Arrival of Fingerlings

  1. Put them inside the pond and start the flow through for them immediately.
  2. Feed them after 7 hours of arrival
  3. Use natural antibiotics for them ( Bitter leaves)
  4. Add salt to their water.
  5. Choose a feeding point for them.
  6. If you notice an increase in mortality rate hours after arrival, add an anti-stress drug to there feed
  7. Change the water inside the pond at least every 3 days
  8. Regularly check the pH level of water.
  9. Clean the pond at least once in a week in order to avoid ammonia production inside the pond
  10. Regularly check the fish swimming pattern if there swimming is slow or fast. If the swimming is slow, contact your consultant or specialist immediately.

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Heteroclarias Spp Fingerlings/Post Fingerlings (Hybrid) -Special Maxi Brand
Heteroclarias Spp Fingerlings/Post Fingerlings (Hybrid) -Special Maxi Brand



( 1 rating )
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Make safe and reliable transaction with us. Learn more
We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card

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