ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial Day-Old Chicks)


The ISA Brown’s physical attributes (beautiful, amber-colored plumage, red combs, and sparkling copper eyes) and production indices (adaptability, improved egg quality, and production) make it an appealing choice for commercial poultry farmers/table egg producers.

  • We offer the day-old pullets in cartons of 50 chicks (minimum order).
  • Schedule for vaccination and medication will be forwarded to your email upon placement of successful orders.

The ISA Brown pullets are hybrids of sex-linked chicken.

“ISA” Brown is not a breed name, an acronym for Institut de Selection Animale (ISA), a French company which bred and patented it in 1978.  This was with reference to enhancing balanced performance and optimum production of high-quality-strong-shelled eggs.

ISA Brown pullets are ideal for both the small scale and large scale farmers as it is economical. Also known as prolific layers, this breed can provide up to 300 eggs per year.

Feeding: It is ideal to adhere strictly to their recommended feeding regimes and provide supplemental protein to the feed, as their bodies will utilize the protein to produce eggs and enhance feather appearance.

Proven worldwide, this breed is renowned for its high feed intake capacity, feed conversion ratio and ability to perform well in a variety of conditions. Thus, it is one of the best layer birds available to the Nigerian market and climate.

Features of the ISA Brown pullets

  • Superior egg production (up to 300 eggs per year).
  • Outstanding large eggs.
  • Excellent livability in different climates.
  • Adaptable to the various housing (battery cages, deep litter, free range) and management systems.

Specification: ISA Brown Pullets (Commercial Day-Old Chicks)

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Table egg production

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