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TurboTox is a multi-action probiotic feed supplement (Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract) which confers improved efficiency, optimal performance to ensure responsible rearing of farm animals. It is a useful tool for non-antibiotic growth enhancement.

Turbotox is especially indicated to improve the integrity of the digestive system. It is a carefully prepared infeed formulation proven to promote an ideal gut health and multiplication of beneficial flora.

Features of Turbotox
  • Inactive yeast, MOS, diatomaceous earth and organic acid combination
  • Non-antibiotic growth promoter
  • Control of mycotoxins, bacteria, molds, vectors
Constituents of Turbotox
  • Mannan Oligosaccharides: Adsorption of pathogenic bacteria, improves intestinal function, modulates the immune system and binds mycotoxins.
  • Inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract: A natural source of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes.
  • Organic acids and their salts (Propionic acid, formic acid, citric acid: These improve feed digestibility with acidifying effect. Also, they stimulate the pancreatic enzymes and provide antifungal and antibacterial control in the feed and digestive tract.
  • Diatomaceous earth: Mycotoxin adsorbent and mechanical insect repellent.

Activity of Turbotox

Performance Enhancer:

Lowers pH in the stomach improving digestion. Supports normal gut flora improving breakdown of feed, and protection against pathogens. Extra supply of highly bioavailable amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. A natural energy source. Absorption, and binding of toxins, protecting against the negative effects on the hepatic, and renal functions. Prevents molds, and reduces bacterial colonization in the feed. Improved intestinal humoral nonspecific immunity gives protection, saving energy. Thus, this results in better FCR, high efficiency

Mycotoxin Control:

Organic acids and their salts kill mold lowering toxin production. MOS binds toxin in the gastric passage with the effect of the low pH. Diatomaceous earth is an aluminum silicate with a high surface area with very high affinity to bind water and the toxins inside the digesta. The bond is irreversible. Bound toxins leave the organism without being absorbed.

Mould Control:

Prevents molds, and reduces bacterial colonization in the feed. Organic acids and their salts kill or suppress molds and spores. Low pH activates lactic-acid bacteria, and lactic-acid bacteria activates body own protection. Organic acids suppress ingested molds. Improved gut flora competes with molds consuming the nutrients needed. Molds are left with no available nutrients Subspecies of lactobacteria, produce peptides and antimicrobial proteins Bacteriocins.

Bacterial Control:

Organic acids and their salts kill or suppress pathogens lowering colonization. MOS influences intestinal lymphatic nodules and induces non-specific immunity. Macrophage migration is quicker, and the response is faster. Yeast improves normal gut flora. Lower pH supports lactic acid bacteria. Transient pathogen attachment is less. Diatomaceous earth is capable to bind some bacteria inside the digesta. Bind pathogens leave the organism without the possibility to colonize.

Vector Control:

Organic acids repel flies, and prevent egg laying. Diatomaceous Earth is a microscopic aluminum silicate with sharp edges. These are very effective against the cuticula of some vectors, and the membranes of larvae, causing them to dehydrate, and die. The mechanical effect continues in the digestive tract, and in the feces in case of internal parasitic infestations.


Cattle, pigs, small ruminants, fish and poultry

Administration and dosage:

For enhancing performance

Contamination level of the feed
Poultry: 1kg/t

Milking cows: 100g/day/animal

Sheep and goats: 30 g/ day/ animal

Piglets and sows: 1 kg/ t

Fattening pigs: 0.5 kg/ t

Low risk contamination: 1 kg/ t

High risk contamination: 1.5 – 3 kg/ t

In particular cases, the dosage can be increased

Aqua: 1 kg/t

For cattle and pigs, the same dosages can be administered/mixed with the feed inside the feeders.

Specification: TurboTox Multi-Action Probiotic

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Suitable For

Inclusion in feed, Livestock (poultry, ruminants and swine)


10kg, 1kg, 25kg

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( 16 ratings )
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