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Grogel Plus B specialises in the nutritional needs of DAY OLD CHICKS post hatchery .


GROGEL PLUS-B Hatchling Supplement 

GROGEL PLUS-B is the answer to the never-ending problem of dehydration in freshly hatched poultry. After mixing with water, it forms a green, shiny, high-moisture gel that’s packed with protein, energy, vitamins and probiotic bacteria. Hatchlings really go for it. 

It is given on the first day, as soon as the baby poultry arrive on the farm, to get some water and nutrients into them so that they can get off to a good start. 

Just add about ½ cup (100 ml) of water and stir. That ½ cup is enough for 100 chicks or turkey poults, 200 pheasant chicks or duckling, or 400 quail chicks. 

GROGEL PLUS-B not only acts as an attractant to the feed, but provides complete nutrition for baby poultry. In addition to the water, it contains proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, and probiotic bacteria. It provides complete first-day nutrition.

GroGel is a powder that when mixed with water turns into a bright green shiny gel. This gel is very palatable and alluring to birds, and so very little encouragement is needed to get them to consume it.

GroGel contains a full gamut of essential nutrients including protein, various amino acids, nutrients and vitamins, and probiotics. The gel consistency also holds plenty of water so GroGel provides adequate hydration as well. It is an extremely useful supplement in times of stress or strain, such as before and after chicks or adult birds are shipped, for birds being shown, etc. GroGel is also a great way to start just-hatched chicks on the right foot, as well as for extra nutrients for broody mother hens. These are both crucial times for optimal nutrition and hydration. - Nigeria
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