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We sell Seed Co Maize Seeds (SC 612 variety) which is medium maturity maize hybrid seeds with many desirable characteristics for profitable and bountiful production.
  • This maize seed variety is resistant to many diseases affecting maize plantations.
  • It possesses white grain with semi-dent characteristics.
  • This product is vitamin A fortified and has a maturity period of 90 days.
  • They are packaged in 2 kg bags.
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NatSoil is a nourishing, highly effective, natural Fertilizer produced by the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Hermetia illucens. Place your Order Today!!!
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Our offered automatic garri fryer is used to process raw cassava flour into its finished product, garri without compromising its quality. This product enables the process of frying garri to be carried out mechanically using an automated system. It comes with excellent features alongside sophisticated mechanisms to handle the job and eliminates labour.
  • It is built using a multi-level architecture to eliminate kitchen labour to a large extent;
  • It is very suitable for commercial purposes and large-scale production;
  • high working efficiency;
  • uniform frying of materials and;
  • easy operation.
Get yours now! 
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The cassava grating machine is widely used in the cassava/garri/starch processing industries to grate raw material into cassava mash (starch slurry). It plays a vital role in starch extraction rate and starch yield. Key features of this product include:
  • low noise
  • large output
  • low power consumption
  • double-sided grating design
  • high efficiency.
Make a purchase today!
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The cassava peeling machine is widely used in the garri processing line and cassava flour processing line. It is very efficient in peeling off the layers of the cassava skin before it undergoes further processing. Its key features include; high efficiency, stable and reliable operation, as well as good motor configuration. It is made of stainless steel material and has a processing capacity of 2.5 - 3 tons per hour. Place your orders today!!!
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The offered industrial groundnut roasting machine is a high-efficiency and energy-saving nut roasting equipment. This equipment finds application in oil processing as well as peanut butter processing industries. The roaster can also be adapted for roasting cashews, almonds and other nuts. Purchase your high-quality groundnut roaster machine from Afrimash today!
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Did you know that water is the most important but possibly most neglected input in agricultural practice? Never worry, SolarCreed offers a solution to this by providing you with a 24/7 water supply all year long!
  • We offer Sunshine Splash Surface Pump which ensures solar-powered water flow on your farm. It comes in different varieties but the one currently available for purchase is SSS 550.
  • Our products are developed using high strength material for durability. They are very much appreciated by our buyers due to the well-timed delivery and dimensional accuracy.
  • They can be used for surface water sources, tanks, ponds, water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation.
  • Purchase attracts additional fees of up to 30,000 (15,000 for electrical installation and 15,000 for installation by the water technician to cover the electrical and plumbing installation). 
  • Buy Sunshine Splash Surface Pumps to unlock the power of sunshine in providing unprecedented water availability on your farm.
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Cranstan Systemic Herbicide is a post-emergence herbicide that should be applied on small and exposed weeds that are still in their stage of vegetative development. It is incompatible with other herbicides.
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