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Power failure can most times become frustrating and devastating especially when it is needed as a matter of urgency. Our AROJIN Solar Power Systems offers you a complete range of Solar PV Power Systems to suit every household and business, so switch over to a reliable power source since Solar Power is available everywhere where the sun shines.

This 2KVA Hybrid Inverter is capable of providing energy for Fans, 20 Lighting Points (x 5 Watts), Dstv Decoder, 4xLED T.V or Plasma TV, Music System, P.C or its equivalent.

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The Arojin 2KVA Solar Power Inverter comes with:

  1. 2KVA Hybrid Inverter.
  2. 8×80 Watts Solar Panel.
  3. 2x150Ah Battery.
  4. Backup period: 24 hrs.
  5. Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs.
  6. Built-in solar charge controller.
  7. Adopt auto PV-charging control system.
  8. Battery reverse connecting protection, etc.
  9. 3.0′ LED screen display.
  10. Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs.
  11. Modified sine waveform output.
  12. Applicable for resistive AC loads.
  13. A multifunction control system, including automatic PV-charging, high voltage cutoff, low voltage cut-off, short circuit protection, intelligent cooling function, etc.Arojin Hybrid Inverter

Load Capacity:

  • Fans
  • 20 Lighting Points x 5 Watts
  • Dstv Decoder
  • 4xLED T.V or Plasma TV
  • Music System
  • P.C

This Arojintech Hybrid Inverter will power the items above or their equivalent in energy consumption.

Here are reasons why you should go solar:

  • It is a reliable power source. Solar Systems work as long as the panels are placed in the sun and as we all know, the sun is very consistent in our continent
  •  Solar power has so far been found to be cost saving over petrol and diesel generators thereby making it one of the most cost effective power option.
  • Unlike diesel and petrol generating sets, Solar Systems produce no noise.
  • There are no moving parts and practically zero maintenance is required.
  • Solar Systems are considered to be environment-friendly because Solar produces no carbon footprint or harmful emissions, unlike the diesel and petrol generators.

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The commitment of Arojintech is to spread technologies for harnessing renewable energy (RE). The term “renewable” refers to sources of energy that can never be diminished or exhausted, such as biomass, biogas, wind and sun.

All our Solar Power Systems comes with 2 years warranty on Battery, 10 years warranty on Solar Panel and 1 year warranty on Electricals.

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