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The Auto Cup Drinker is indicated for the supply of clean and fresh water for poultry with minimal use of manpower for constant refills.

  • These cups are very reliable, durable, and are brightly colored to attract the chicks and birds in general, thus they are ideal for broilers, breeders, layers, pullets, ducks and other similar birds.
  • As a bird drinks, reduction in water levels in the cup automatically triggers a mechanism to refill the cup. Once the water gets to a particular level, a negative feedback mechanism adjusts the valve to stop the supply of water to the cup.
  • For more information on how to use this drinker, please watch the attached videos.

As the common floor drinkers (for chickens) can be easily emptied by knocking over if not correctly positioned; as well as having dirt and debris raked in by the adventurous birds, these make it difficult for the chicks and birds to get access to clean and fresh water. This auto cup drinker thus comes well recommended for all poultry farmers as an easy, high quality and sanitary solution to watering chickens. It is made of heavy plastic with a drinking cup which can serve up to five chickens. Simply push them directly into a water container or into PVC piping in a low-pressure system.

Mechanism of action

This cup style drinker comes with a built-in trigger.  This model is for mounting the drinker directly to you waterer, whether it be a bucket, pail, large pipe etc.  
  • Simply drill a 3/8″ hole into your bucket and thread on your drinker (Use drill 9mm drill a hole at PVC pipe, or any other container then push it.).
  • Cup utilizes a trigger system that automatically fills when the chicken pecks it.
  • You can design your own drinker system and add as many cups to buckets or large pipes as you wish up to 210 drinkers per system.
  • Drinkers work under low pressure at 5 psi or less.

Benefits of the Automatic Chicken Cup Drinkers

  • These drinker Cups are an innovative way, the best easy designed to water chickens.
  • Chickens drink from the cup, can adjust the water amount manually.
  • Easy and safe to use, easy installation with nuts screws included, very convenient.
  • It involves low maintenance
  • It is quite resistant to bacterial growth
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Prevents water dripping on the floor, thereby keeping litter very dry
  • Easy and safe to use, very convenient.
  • For home and commercial poultry farms use.
  • They drink from the cup, which allows the right amount of water to come into the cup

Features of the Automatic Chicken Cup Drinkers

These include:

  • SIZE: 9*6*5cm / 3.5*2.4*2in (L*W*H)
  • Suitable for: The pipe diameter is 9.5 mm.
  • Molded from heavy, durable plastic for a long use
  • Adjustable water levels and the drinkers can be easily installed on the side or bottom of a bucket
  • The attachment can used to connect the drinker to a 3/4 PVC water pipe.

Specification: Auto Cup Drinkers for Poultry

Weight4000 g
Dimensions9 × 6 × 5 cm
Item Type

Suitable For

Poultry drinking systems


Each cup serves about 5 birds or more

Minimum Order

1 pack of 100 cups

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Videos: Auto Cup Drinkers for Poultry

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( 4 ratings )
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