Infrared Heating/Brooding Lamp (For Piglets and Chicks) 250W



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Do you need safe, energy efficient and eco-friendly heating options for your growing livestock?

This heating lamp comes well recommended. It features ultraviolet lighting options for safe, warm and cozy heat effusion via top-down radiation to the pen floor.

  • Available from 16th May 2019 for nationwide delivery (options for preorder also available-click here).

Heating/Brooding Lamp

The heating lamp for growing livestock delivers “top-down” heat intensity in relation to the distance from the floor area. It features a brass base to minimize corrosion and hardened pyrex glass which is resistant to shattering (when in contact with liquids).

When heat lamps are used for brooding, heat travels to the sow (and a warm zone for piglets) as well as the chicks in the brooding area. It is, however, important to restrain and discourage the sow from getting unrestricted access to the resting piglets as this reduces chances of crushing or laid-ons. Thus, restraining the sow during the farrowing period informs the need for the farrowing crate (click here). For poultry, this lamp works well with the brooder guards.


Heat placement for young livestock.

Heat is a critical component for getting animals started quickly and maintaining optimal health. During farrowing, nursery, and wean-to-finish, as well as brooding, a micro-environment needs to be maintained within the pen to ensure juveniles are protected from chilling-which could result in mortalities and reduced performance.

 The provision of supplemental heat for livestock is characterized into;
  • Top-down heat: Radiant heat from above the animals provides a zone of comfort for animals to go to the feeder/drinker then return under the heat source in the resting area.
  • Bottom-up heat: Heat rises, so having heat under the juvenile animals tend to be more practical and economical as heat is not lost. This works well for farrowing and nursery animals.


  • Features strong, safe and protective wire-guard, protected power cord and sturdy metal hanging chains.
  • Uses standard infrared (heat) bulbs and clear bulbs, thus it saves electric energy cost, thereby reducing production costs and complying with environmental sustainability requirements.
  • Regular light/heat supply for juvenile livestock to keep warm as well as feed.
  • It is very reliable with little maintenance required.
  • Improves animal comfort and performance


  • 6000 hours of continuous working time.
  • 100% infrared heating source with 96% heat radiation conversion rate
  • Dense steam aluminum reflective layer (it completely reflects infrared heating source to surfaces).
  • Hard quartz glass bulb, with good thermal stability.
  • Glass is resistant to breakage or explosion even when sprayed at its most intense temperature with cold water.


  • Made of flame retardant material,
  • Features switch with adjustment
  • Inner connection sheet is silver coated to avoid bulb damage caused by poor contact.
  • Thickened and trumpet-shaped lampshade body.
  • Made with glass reinforced plastic that is resistant to high temperatures.
  • Wire-grill attachment keeps animals from damaging the bulb. 
  • Livestock: Poultry/Piglet/Goat/Sheep (Poultry House/coops, livestock pen, farrowing pen, pet houses)
  • Vegetables: Flowers, greenhouse vegetables

Specification: Infrared Heating/Brooding Lamp (For Piglets and Chicks) 250W

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Providing heat source for brooding poultry and growing pets/livestock


Big lamp + red bulb, Big lamp + white bulb, Red infrared bulb only, Small lamp + red bulb, Small lamp + white bulb, White bulb only

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Infrared Heating/Brooding Lamp (For Piglets and Chicks) 250W
Infrared Heating/Brooding Lamp (For Piglets and Chicks) 250W



Buyer Protection
Make safe and reliable transaction with us. Learn more
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