Pelleted Feed for Chicks (Vital Feed brand) – 25kg Bag

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The pelleted feed for chicks (Vital Feed Brand) is aimed at achieving a higher growth rate, higher feed utilization rate, and low disease incidences at the early stage of the life of birds. It is highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to birds from day old till transition to Vital Starter/Grower or Finisher feed.

Minimum order is 100 bags and delivery is nationwide.

Vital pelleted feed for chicks

The Vital pelleted feed for chicks ensures faster growth at an early stage of life. The pelleted range is suitable for all environments and helps in maintaining good litter and reducing feed wastage.

Poultry Feed Pellets

Pellet system of feeding is really a modification of the mash system. Pelleting involves conditioning raw materials by adding heat and water in the form of steam. The conditioned feed ingredients are then compressed into a dense mass and shaped to conform to the die against which they are pressed and cut. The heat and moisture are withdrawn through cooling so the ingredients can withstand moderately rough handling without excessive breakage. Pellets can then be crumbled into smaller particles to allow the chickens to consume the feed efficiently. The greatest advantage of using pellets is that there is little waste in feeding.

Vital feed pellet quality

Ingredients, particle size, temperature, moisture, duration of conditioning, and pellet die parameters are key factors affecting the physical quality of pellets. These parameters also include feed processing equipment, conditions, and feed formula. Pellets with good physical quality show improved durability to withstand the various attritional forces on the pellet. This is especially true of those forces that are encountered during transportation of the feed to chicken farms.

Advantages of pelleting for chicken feed ingredients
There are several advantages of feeding poultry with pellets rather than mash.

  • The Vital feed pellets are indicated for the healthy growth of chicks, as well as developing high immunity to face the possible stresses like diseases, climate, etc.
  • Pelleting reduces waste of chicken feed, water soiling, and selective eating behavior in chickens
  • The pelleting process solves mixing difficulties, incorrect particle sizes, and ingredient separation
  • Reduces bulkiness of feed by 15 – 18%
  • Pelleting reduces Salmonella, E. coli, molds and more, and destroys growth inhibitors, like trypsin inhibitors and gossypol during processing.
  • Results in the saving of 15-20% of broiler chicken feed cost
  • Produces a higher nutrient density, increases the availability of Vitamin E and B12 and improves digestibility
  • Provides natural sources of essential amino acids, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Specification: Pelleted Feed for Chicks (Vital Feed brand) – 25kg Bag

Weight25000 g

Suitable For

Poultry chicks


25kg bags

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Grand Cereals Limited (GCL) is an integrated foods company whose primary activity is the creation of superior value from local raw materials, with leading brands in the Cereals, Vegetable Oil and Animal Feed categories. Following the ban placed on imported wheat, GCL modified its operation and production objectives, and today, this growing subsidiary of UACN Plc is steadfastly engaged in many value-added agricultural-based industrial activities.

The company is focused on the continuous innovation and launch of brands with a mass-market appeal. It also strives to achieve a balance between new product development and the human need for affordable nutritionally optimal products.

Terms and Conditions

GCL has strengthened its distribution network to enhance product penetration, visibility and market share.

Shipping Policy

All raw materials, packaging and other ingredients to be used for production must be up to GCL specifications. Goods received into the stores must be certified, complete and properly placed as prescribed. Once a vehicle has been loaded and a transporter accepts by signing the Delivery Note/Invoice from the logistics representative, he automatically becomes liable for any damage that may occur while in transit.

Return Policy

Since GCL is committed to the production and distribution of quality products, adequate measures have been taken to meet consumers’ expectations. Towards this end, GCL operates a Sale and No Return Policy, which implies that any product shipped in good condition cannot be returned to the company, unless there is a complaint that is traceable to negligence on the part of the company. Any product accepted by a customer or MDS automatically becomes his or her liability. Only complaints which are traceable to negligence on the part of the company can be entertained.

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Pelleted Feed for Chicks (Vital Feed brand) – 25kg Bag
Pelleted Feed for Chicks (Vital Feed brand) – 25kg Bag

3,650.00 3,500.00

3,650.00 3,500.00

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Make safe and reliable transaction with us. Learn more
We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card

Ships From: Nigeria

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