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Palomino Rabbit (Weaner) | Hybrid Breed | (3 Females + 2 Males)


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There is a great opportunity for rabbit farming, and commercial production can be a great source of income and employment. Rabbits grow very fast and the female rabbit produces 2 to 8 kids every time. They can consume very low-quality food and turn these foods into high-quality meat, skin or fibre. Get your quality rabbit breed at our store today.

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The Palomino rabbit is a beautiful large breed that is generally gold or lynx coloured. The breed was developed by Mark Youngs, in Washington State, United States. Mark Youngs wanted to create a new rabbit breed. During the late 1940s and early 1950s, by crossing various commercial typed rabbits he eventually produced fawn rabbits. Soon he enlisted the help of several ‘co-breeders’ and together they developed their sunny bunnies into a breed. And they name the breed as ‘Washingtonian‘.

The ‘Washingtonian’ rabbit breed was first presented at the American Rabbit Breeders Association convention in 1953. And then the name of the breed was changed to Palomino. Despite some difficulties, the Palomino rabbit was approved as a separate breed and was finally recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association in 1957. Then the Palomino rabbit had been exported to Europe. And by the 1960s the breed was more common and gaining popularity. But the Palomino rabbits are not yet recognized by the British Rabbit Council.

Palomino Rabbit Characteristics

The Palomino rabbits are large breeds. They can be easily recognized by their unique fawn orange colour. They have a commercial type body. And their body type is similar to the New Zealand rabbit. Usually, the body of the Palomino rabbit is medium in length with solid flesh and it has well-rounded hindquarters.

Their body contains a smaller bone structure than other meat rabbit varieties. And such a smaller bone structure offers the breeder a superior meat ratio. They have brown coloured eyes, and their ears are big and erect. There are two colour varieties of the Palomino rabbit, which are Golden and Lynx.

The golden colour variety is an orange-beige colour over a white or cream undercoat. While the Lynx coloured Palomino rabbit variety has a grey or silver colour, mixing with an orange-beige over the cream or white undercoat.

The coat of both types of Palomino rabbit variety is rude and full. Like some other rabbit breeds, the Palomino does are heavier than the bucks. On average the Palomino bucks weigh about 3.6 to 4.5 kg and they do weigh about 4 to 5 kg. Photo from Wikipedia.


Rabbit Management

  • Rabbits can be fed with pellets, grasses like elephant grass, fresh maize and leaves, lettuce, cabbage potatoes and leaves, carrots, dried cassava peels, yam peels, bananas, and leaves.
  • Simple food formation includes Maize bran, groundnuts, millets or wheat, and alfalfa…all properly mixed together.
  • Our weaners are always given recommended medications at four weeks old (anti-biotics and multivitamins) and these should be repeated every four weeks.
  • However, overall, the primary criterion remains the rabbit’s records. It is vitally important to study records on family production, hereditary factors, size of animals, growth potential, etc. Therefore, purchase your foundation stock from a reliable and established rabbitry that keeps such records.
  • Pellets are preferable to mashes because the rabbits waste less (they are unable to paw them out of the crocks as easily). Also, they are not dusty so they won’t irritate the nose and lungs.
  • If you must use a mash, you can avoid the crustiness and reduce some waste by adding just enough water to slightly moisten the feed. However, beware of giving too much-moistened feed to the rabbit or leaving it in the pen too long as it will sour and the rabbit will not eat it, causing further waste. In the low lands where fermentation is more prevalent, give the rabbits only enough concentrates to be consumed within a 10- to 15-minute time span.

Specification: Palomino Rabbit (Weaner) | Hybrid Breed | (3 Females + 2 Males)

Item Type

Item Condition

Suitable For

Breeding, Fur production, Pets, White meat

Minimum Order

1 colony (5 rabbits)

Country of Origin

Weight 5000 g

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Palomino Rabbit (Weaner) | Hybrid Breed | (3 Females + 2 Males)
Palomino Rabbit (Weaner) | Hybrid Breed | (3 Females + 2 Males)


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