Excellent Starter and Finisher Formula for Great Broiler Weight (eBook)

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These are special broiler starter and finisher formulae that will make your broilers grow bigger within 6-8 weeks.

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A lot of poultry farmers are worried about the weight or low growth rate of their broilers. Some are even fed up and have even decided to stop feeding their broiler chickens because it’s like they are wasting their money feeding the broilers. There are many factors that could make broilers have stunted growth or impede their growth rate. This could be as a result of poor management, poor broiler chicks (breed), poor or insufficient feed, poor feed conversion by broilers, poor stocking density, diseases or poor housing.

However, the most common factor causing poor growth is feed. When a farmer feeds his broilers chickens with poor feeds, they tend not to perform well regarding growth. When an excellent feed formula is used to formulate your broilers feed, then expect them to grow well.

Well, we have made making profits on broiler farming easier. We have the right, best formula for your broilers. Using these formulae, 85% of your broilers would attain an average live weight of 2.5kg at 6th week and a live weight of 3.5-4kg at the 8th week. You won’t be needing a growth booster anymore. You only need to go to my feed miller, buy the ingredients and the miller does the grinding and mixing for you.

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Our authors are experts and experienced livestock farmers.

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