Good Quality Breeder Snails for Farmers (Average weight = 200g-250g)

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African giant snails – Achatina achatina, Achatina fulica & Achachatina marginata (mainly), are one of the largest (edible) land snails in the world. The farming is a geometric profit yielding venture. Once stocked & well managed, Achatina marginata snail (least of the three in fecundity) lays between 6-14 eggs every 3 months, multiplying to about x10 of its original number in 6 months.
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  • Minimum purchase = 100 snails

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The breeder snails are treated for both endoparasites and ectoparasites to increase their fecundity/performance. They are laying snails of average weight between 200 – 250g.


  • Well healthy and active breeder snails
  • Low capital intensive
  • Average weight of 200-250g
  • Good source of protein
  • Low fat & cholesterol levels
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low mortality


  • Archachatina marginata ( African giant snail)
  • Achatina  Achatina
  • Achatina  fulica 
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