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How to Start a Broiler Farm in Nigeria

Broilers are meat productive birds of poultry breeds. They are like other common poultry birds, they have been scientifically engineered to produce more meat in a short period of time.

Basically, broilers are a gallinaceous domesticated fowl, bred and raised specifically for meat production. They are a hybrid of the egg-laying chicken, both being a subspecies of the red jungle fowl. Typical broilers have white feathers and yellowish skin.

It is essential to provide comfortable and growth specific housing or shed areas for birds. Site selection is a major factor to be considered. A broiler farm should have sufficient land area, good water supply, and electricity, market access to procure any farm inputs and selling of farm produces. Housing should have good ventilation and wind flow.

How to Select Good Broiler Breed

Day-old chicks with good quality should be selected. During brooding, place chick guard for first week around them. Most importantly, adjust the hovers temperature to 95degrees Fahrenheit at the first week and reduce by 5degrees Fahrenheit every week until 70degrees Fahrenheit.

Feed Your Birds Well

Feeds play a vital role in poultry farming and is the major cost of poultry production which affects the production output of the birds. Improper feeding causes several deficiency diseases which result in poor production performance.

Also, make sure the feed have all the required nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals and vitamins) in the right proportion for better growth of the birds. In addition to the regular nutrients, some additives are required to facilitate digestion and growth is usually added in common commercial feeds.

Types of Poultry Feed

Age of chicks                                            Feed type

0-10days                                                     Pre-starter

11-21days                                                    Starter

22days-Marketing                                    Finisher

Estimated feed consumption of broiler farming

Chicks age in days      Feed weight in body    Weight gain/day grams

1st day                 20gm/bird/day                       45-55gms

2nd day                22gm/bird/day                       55-95gms

3rd day                 24gm/bird/day                       95-135gms

4th day                 26gm/bird/day                       135-175gms

5th day                 28gm/bird/day                       175-215gms

6h day                 30gm/bird/day                       215-255gms

7th day                 32gm/bird/day                       255-295gms

8th day                 34gm/bird/day                       295-335gms

9th day                 36gm/bird/day                       335-385gms

10th day               38gm/bird/day                       385-425gms

11th day               40gm/bird/day                       425-465gms

12th day               42gm/bird/day                       465-505gms

13th day               44gm/bird/day                       505-545gms

14th day               46gm/bird/day                       545-585gms

15th day               48gm/bird/day                       585-625gms

16th day               50gm/bird/day                       625-665gms

17th day               52gm/bird/day                       665-705gms

18th day               54gm/bird/day                       705-745gms

19th day               56gm/bird/day                       745-785gms

20th day               58gm/bird/day                       785-825gms

21st day               60gm/bird/day                       825-865gms

22nd day              62gm/bird/day                       865-905gms

23rd day               64gm/bird/day                       905-945gms

24th day               66gm/bird/day                       945-985gms

25th day               68gm/bird/day                       985-1,025gms

26th day               70gm/bird/day                       1,025-1,045gms

Marketing: Broilers are best sold during festive periods.

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      Afrimash is Nigeria’s leading e-commerce marketplace for agricultural items. We provide an online platform for companies to list their products so that farmers can conveniently find the products you offer and securely shop online for quality items as well as receive orders safely delivered to any location in Nigeria and beyond.

      We have our operating office in Ibadan and ship nationwide

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  2. Please, how much money can I have to start a poultry with about 10.000 Broiler oder layer.

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  6. I have just bought a new farm poutry in ogbor hill aba,how can I book boilers

    • Hello Chinonso,

      Thank you for reaching out to us
      As regards your enquiry, we have a variety of broiler chicks available, here are some and their current prices:
      ZARTECH (Cobb 500) Broilers: NGN 18,500
      CHI (Arbor Acre Plus) Broilers: NGN 18,750
      OLAM CHIKUN (Cobb 500) Broilers: NGN19,500
      SAYED Broilers: NGN 19,000
      AMO (Arbor Acre Plus) Broilers: NGN 18,500
      NPG (Cobb 500) Broilers : NGN 18,250
      Vertex Broilers (Arbor Acres): NGN 18,750
      Agrited Broilers (Ros 308): NGN19,750

      The prices above are for a carton of 50 chicks and you can place an order for your birds via:

      Our delivery days are Mondays and Thursdays and cost of shipping is based on the delivery location, you can view the various pick-up points via the link below:

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